About PCA Masters


swimPCA Masters is designed to accommodate swimmers of all abilities. We design practice that will enable to discover a whole new world of swimming. A whole lot of fun! Join us for an evening of Fun, Fitness and Friendship. Check us out.

There are many people who swim masters at PCC, some of them as a part of a triathlon training regimen, to compete in Masters swim open water events.

Masters swimming is a program of swimming for adults. Anyone 18+  can join Masters swimming.

Everyone has own reason for belonging - fitness, health, fun. For those who are serious competitors, there are an number of opportunities to test your skills. Short Course and Long Course pool meets, lake and ocean open water swims, special events and international championships.

One of the greatest benefits of Masters swimming is to be able to practice with an organized group. Research has shown that interval training, an approach favored by most coaches, has innumerable benefits over simple lap swimming. Most Masters swimmers prefer structured workouts.